Price Freeze on CFSC/CRFSC Courses Until October 2023

On July 5, the Chief Firearms Officer for Ontario authorized all Ontario instructors to increase the maximum fees for the CFSC and CRFSC courses.

These maximum fees are now $380 for the combined 2-day CFSC and CRFSC courses and tests, and $210 for a 1-day CFSC or CRFSC course and test, plus applicable taxes.

ONfirearmsafety has decided to delay implementing these price increases until October, 2023. Until that date, our rates will remain at $340 for the combined 2-day CFSC/CRFSC and $190 for the 1-day CFSC, plus taxes.

Our August and September courses will be at the “old” rates in effect prior to the price increase. Your price is “locked in” so that if you should have to reschedule to a later course for any reason, even to a course running after October, your original price will apply.

Book quickly if you are looking for a firearm course, however. Spaces are limited on our August and September courses!

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