More CFSC 1-Day Courses Added

To respond to increased demand we have added new dates for the 1-day Canadian Firearm Safety Course, both on Sundays.

We will now have additional dates for May 19 and June 2, in addition to our previously scheduled CFSC and CRFSC 2-day courses, which are available on our schedule up to currently up to September.

The CFSC course is the 8-hour “non-restricted” course, which will permit students to obtain a Canadian firearm licence for non-restricted rifles and shotguns. The CRFSC is an additional 4 or 6-hour course to enable students to get the “restricted” licence, for handguns and restricted class rifles and shotguns.

Although most individuals cannot currently purchase, acquire, borrow or receive handguns, this course is still vital for those seeking employment opportunities in fields where a restricted licence is required (such as border officers, armed security and armoured car guards, firearms retailers, etc.)

Those who have been scheduled for later courses (June and beyond) have been offered seats on the earlier dates, and so seats are filling up quickly for the new dates. If you are considering getting your firearm licence, don’t wait.

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